42: They Say The Word “Piss” In This One

April 28, 2018

That’s right, y’all! The ‘boys finally did it! What you’ve all been waiting for. Now say it with us: “Piss.”

Now that we’ve gotten that bit o’ business out of the way, we can concentrate on some non-piss-related goings-on in the world of wrestling! Unfortunately, Matt couldn’t join us this week (blame Derek’s birthday for RUINING EVERYTHING), but for some reason we’re still being haunted by all-time great wrestler, turned Zack’s personal Babadook, Bret Hart. So there’s that, I guess?

The ‘boys talk all about The Greatest Royal Rumble event that went down in Saudi Arabia, the never ending purgatory of Brock Lesnar’s title reign, heel Shinsuke and his rap rock remix, two incredible botches, The Passion of the Bryan, and how to navigate the problematic aspects of being a wrestling fan and trying to balance continuing to push for change while checking our own privilege (oh, and also the normal weekly wrestling stuff too).

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Happy Greatest Rusev Day!